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Alexis at The Nerrivik Studio:

"I couldn't be happier to recommend Alexis! I've tried countless hair stylists since moving to LA and after 11 years, found a keeper! Alexis takes her time with clients, is incredibly knowledgeable about hair and hair quirks, and simply gives an amazing cut every single time. Beyond being talented, she's a beautiful person inside and out. And her studio is private, quiet and a perfect alternative to noisy, crowded salons. I'm so grateful to have found her and The Nerrivik Studio!"

Kelli Shope via

"I've been following Alexis all over the west side ever since she first cut my hair in 2008. Who else would giggle with delight when you brought her a photo of Keith Richards for hairspiration? And who else could ACHIEVE the Patti-Smith-via-Keef, boxcutter-chic hairdo of my dreams?
Feels wrong somehow that I have to drive to Beverly Hills to get the perfect anti-coif, but fuck it. I'd drive to Palm Springs if I had to.

East Side Bride (blogger) via

"i've been seeing alexis for hair styling for over 8yrs now.  i've followed her from salon to salon because she is honestly worth it.  when i first met her, my hair was a wreck from home-dying and even a cut that i gave myself.  she saved it, plain and simple, with color-correction that i probably should have paid triple for.  i was made a believer right then.
her new space is beautiful and eliminates a lot of things i hate about salons (namely attitude from whoever is behind the front desk).  alexis is the only person i genuinely trust to cut or color my hair.

Stephanie H.  Newport Beach via

"Alexis gives dream cuts. She's the only person I trust to do daring hairstyles. With perfect precision and an innately creative angle she's able to give you the look you've always wanted but never had the courage to do. There is no waiting period till you can adjust either. You walk out feeling like a goddess."

Elizabeth Wright via Facebook

"One visit with Alexis is all it takes for you to become part of her ardent fan base. When I was living in NY, I still refused to let anyone else ever touch my hair, because Alexis is simply the best. She's a hair whisperer, and she straddles that line between modern/edgy and chic/sophisticated. Everyone, from the crazy hip kids on the east side, to the bankers and dealers on the west all compliment my hair with equal enthusiasm. It grows out really well and seemingly gains traction even weeks after the cut. To echo the sentiments of all the posts here, to know Alexis is to love her. She's a hugely inspiring person in general and getting my hair cut is like getting coffee with a friend. She's a special talent and even better person."

Amanda C. via

"Alexis understands my styling abilities and STILL manages to make my hair look attractive. She show me how my haircut works. She looks at my hair and scalp and advises about how I can care for them. She makes me laugh and think when I'm in her chair. I've been going to her since she was an assistant, which I think must be about ten years ago. Worth the drive to the west side."

Sybil O'Malley via Facebook

"Alexis is famous for working her magic on hard-to-tame hair, namely on men. i wouldn't know.  i'm a women with (knock on wood) 'non-difficult' straight long hair, and Alexis puts as much thought & effort into my haircut as she does on her more complicated clients.  i always leave with a haircut that, not only lasts for months, but actually grows into itself and somehow looks better & better with each passing week.  this is why i have followed her since 2004, through several salons, even as her rates have increased (she's not the cheapest, but she's damn good).  and the bonus is that you'll actually LIKE Alexis - she's laid back, sincere, funny, and has impeccable taste."

Sarah M. via

"I moved to LA from Vancouver BC in Aug 2010 and turned to YELP as soon as I arrived to find a new hair stylist. I came upon a set of impressive reviews of Alexis Roberts [Keiner] who was then at Helmet in W Hollywood. I booked an appointment - and I was impressed.  When Alexis moved to Beverly Hills last fall, I figured it would be easier to simply find someone new to cut my hair in my neighbourhood.  After a few months of mediocre haircuts, I decided it wasn't worth the convenience -- I just wanted an Alexis-cut again.  I returned to her in December 2011 and am thrilled about her new set-up in a micro-studio at 338 N Canon (tons of free parking btw).  

Three reasons why I love Alexis: 
1. She is an artist. She actually is.  I feel like her work with my hair is just an extension of her work with canvas. 
2. She has expertise, experience and vision. At my first appointment with Alexis, I had pretty short hair, and told her that I wanted to grow it out.  I just sensed I was in good hands as she talked me through what the growing-out process would look like, how long it would take, and what to anticipate during the process. She was right every step of the way. 
3. She has talent. Period. My cuts are always perfect for me. They grow out well. I get compliments.

Rachel G Los Angeles via

"Amazing!  Alexis really took the time to get to know what my life is like before she started cutting my hair. Questions about what my work environment is like (conservative or funky), how much time I spend getting ready in the morning (none) and how I like to work out (hair up or down) showed that she was really focused on making sure she gave me a haircut that will work for me day in and day out.  
Once she was done with the cut, I knew I had made the right choice seeing her.  It is seriously one of the best cuts I have ever had!  My hair is extremely thick and course and she worked a miracle by cutting my hair so that it sits flat on my head but still looks full and stylish.  She really did an incredible job.   
Also, Alexis is just a real sweetheart.  She is kind and funny and genuinely warm.  Its not like the usual Beverly Hills stylist situation where I dread going in because I know I'm about to be judged for my uncool clothes and total lack of sophistication!  She was down-to-earth and wonderful and I'm really happy I found her.  
I cannot recommend Alexis highly enough.  Book your appointment immediately."

Kristen H. via