20” of my nephew’s hair donated to Wigs For Kids.

Personal. Simple. STyle.

The Nerrivik Studio is personal and simple.  

One Stylist.  One Chair. One Shampoo Bowl.  Privacy.  And You. 

Tucked on the second floor of an office building in the heart of Beverly Hills, at only 100 square feet, The Nerrivik Studio offers one-on-one attention and privacy a large salon can't.  An attention to detail, influence of art and culture, and cross-generational style are at the forefront of my aesthetic.  With these goals in mind, I've created a space free of distractions and intimidation where we can get down to the business of great cuts and beautiful color.  

During my tenure in the top salons in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Silverlake, I often imagined what I would do differently if I had my own. When the opportunity came, I jumped knowing exactly how I would make my salon about personal connections and realizing individual taste and style. 

Welcome to The Nerrivik Studio.

Alexis Roberts Keiner,  Owner/Stylist